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HMRC - Telephone Support

Is anybody else having more trouble than usual getting calls answered?

Didn't find your answer?

We have been trying to get through to HMRC for the past hour+, other than the usual length of time it takes to actually get through to someone, once they do anwer, they claim not to be able to hear us and put the phone down!. We have had conversations with clients this morning, so we know it isn't our phone line

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By Wanderer
12th Mar 2021 11:44

Been reported on here by others recently.

Counts as a call answered in their stats!

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By AlgernonB
12th Mar 2021 11:45

You're not alone. I have tried on a daily basis to get through, calling at all hours, as I have in the past found HMRC responsive to calls, getting notices of coding changed for example. Not so lately. The call is picked up automatically, you get a long spiel about their various services which agents already know about, then it goes on hold and never gets picked up by a human. I've taken to issuing paper appeals against notices of coding and tax computations instead.

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Replying to AlgernonB:
By Truthsayer
12th Mar 2021 11:52

'I've taken to issuing paper appeals against notices of coding and tax computations instead.'

I've always done it that way, for this exact reason. Although HMRC have got even worse in this respect during Covid, they have always been slow to answer calls, and often fail to deal with the matter when they do.

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By stepurhan
12th Mar 2021 12:04

Only time I have got good results is calling at exactly 08:00 when the lines open. Otherwise long waits do seem to be the norm.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By Luke
12th Mar 2021 13:43

I agree with calling at 8am. My call was answered within a minute this morning on the VAT helpline.

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