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HMRC Time to pay... any update?

Clients getting upset - cant get through to 'special' helpline...

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I have a client who is getting very distressed - he's worked out he has 5 weeks and that is it.. staff redundancy, bankruptcy, non payment of bills etc etc.

(My outstanding balance of invoice!)

He cant get through to HMRC supposed 'special' helpline.

I've searched accweb comments and found the below from a couple of days ago but nothing further anywhere online. HMRC apparently not being very helpful (its really as the comment says)..

Based on the below comments I sent round a kind of 'info sheet' based on these comments to my clients yesterday but I've not been able to find anything more up to date.

Anyone else know anything else?

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By Learningvfast
20th Mar 2020 14:11

Phoned the HMRC special helpline today on behalf a client for CT. Took about 20 mins to get through.

Client was already a few months late but HMRC agreed 10 months TTP. HMRC advisor appreciated that these are 'extraordinary' times and understood that there is no guarantee that the TTP agreement will be paid in full should the business go under due to Covid 19.

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By Moonbeam
20th Mar 2020 14:37

It's another example of apparent government kindness coupled with nothing different in fact.

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By bernard michael
20th Mar 2020 15:16

Have you tried calling the agents helpline and asking them to connect you. Doesn't always work but if it does it'a a lot quicker than dialling it yourself

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