HMRC VAT inspection in line with social-distancing

HMRC VAT inspection held remotely

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Had 2 clients in as many days one with a letter, the other a phone call for VAT compliance check.

Due to social-distancing, HMRC will not visit -fair enough.

But HMRC want to send a link (to whom?), client records are uploaded via Dropbox and they will conduct a telephone interview in a fortnight thereafter.

Apparently no written notice of such under s36 FA2008 is required.

How can it be/is the right that HMRC can due such a thing without carrying out proper due process?


Anyone had this happen in the last week or two?

Appreciate any thoughts.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
29th Jul 2020 08:57

We have been doing remote VAT for at least 15 years, as we always refuse a visit, but we have always had a proper notice.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
29th Jul 2020 08:58

Don't think this is new or Covid related.

VAT inspections were previously been remotely done, i.e. by phone/exchange of data. I believe that change was a policy change to move to desk based working, rather than lots of time consuming, expensive visits.

The offer to use Dropbox has also been made before Covid, but with the option of making alternative arrangements if client not happy about the data security of using Dropbox.

Agree proper process should be followed about notifying an enquiry.

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By landscaper
29th Jul 2020 10:56

Have been through this starting in about May last year - all done remotely - be prepared - it took 6 months - not a couple of days in the office looking at paperwork. It was relentless but an experience!

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