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HMRC VAT Webchat

Anyone had any joy off this lot recently

Didn't find your answer?

Bit sat on and off for two days waiting for the "speak to an advisor" link and nothing.

Have any members here had any recent success?

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By Moonbeam
16th Jul 2021 16:23

I gave up with that long ago. I think it's a case of "talk amongst yourselves."

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
17th Jul 2021 11:53

None of the depts are answering. Its not just VAT.

Reason being that they dont have enough staff - I've been told that there is no one available to 'man' the service.

As Moonbeam says - dont waste your time

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By bettybobbymeggie
19th Jul 2021 08:22

Thank you for your replies - so I guess the 8am call is still the way to go?

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By peterhock
04th Aug 2021 15:49

I agree it is worse than useless. Not only are there are insufficient HMRC advisers but the system is that you need to be glued to the screen to check if the link appears. Which means that you cannot do anything else for fear of missing the link if it should appear. I just wonder if it just is not working at all, like you surmise. HMRC probably wouldn't even tell us if it wasn't.

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