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HMRC wants power to break speed limits

HMRC wants power to break speed limits

HMRC has been employing some tactics to tackle tax avoidance and other issues lately, but this struck me as somewhat unusual.

It has applied to be one of the services allowed to break the legal speed limit, BBC reported today. 

It said it wants this for use in covert surveillance of organised crime and would be among services such as the police, ambulance services and fire departments. 

Do you think HMRC should be allowed to do this, or if it's at all necessary or would make a difference?


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28th Nov 2012 12:07

Tackling Tax Avoidance

I think tackling tax avoidance will continue to be done at a fairly measured pace.  After all, no motors (save one) are allowed on Sark.

I assume this refers to the very top end of smuggling, counterfeiting, money laundering and other clearly criminal activities.  The local VATman or woman is not about to be issued with an Aston Martin DB5.

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28th Nov 2012 12:26

How does one apply?

I think I'd rather like to be able to break the speed limit too.  I do often have some rather important meetings to get to.

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28th Nov 2012 14:43

I assumed that all accountants did have immunity ....

until I got to 9 points a few years back!

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By Flash Gordon
28th Nov 2012 15:03

I'll be claiming the powers

Based on my need to rush home and covertly spy on my dog through the letterbox as she jumps on her canine brothers in a relatively organised way :)

But otherwise, no, I don't believe in giving them more powers as they'll use them for the wrong reasons and rarely for the reason that they were granted.

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