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HMRC's idiot robot

And telling it so

If you ever get frustrated with HMRC's telephone robot, it seems telling it that it's an idiot gets you a thank you and put through to a person.

Who'da thowt it?


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11th Sep 2018 11:36

ah, thats where I am going wrong, i tend to shout F*?&king idiot at it

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11th Sep 2018 15:14

Despite the fact that the technology is amazing when you consider what it was like in the old days it is not any faster than talking to someone who can cope with accents (being from Norn Irn I have to slow down and try to mimic the old RADA accent used in those old black & white TV shows i watched as a kid).

I can see how it's cheaper but bl**dy h*ll it's not any quicker and does leave the human you finally end up with dealing with a much more frustrated person than could have been expected had the initial contact gone better.

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11th Sep 2018 15:30

I also swear and curse at the electronic woman. I shall tell her she's an idiot and see what happens.

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11th Sep 2018 15:45

I'm seeing a pattern. If they actually record the conversations with the robot, I expect it would not be suitable to listen to until after the watershed.

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11th Sep 2018 16:12

Robots have feelings and taking out your wrath on a Robot will soon be an ism.

Robots deserve to be treated with respect as your call is important to them.

I must admit Hilary2 (my satnav) sometimes gets dogs abuse in the car, so much so that on occasion Hilary 1, travelling as a passenger, has ticked me off for speaking to Hilary2 that way.

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11th Sep 2018 17:23

Half the time you tell her the reason for calling and she doesn't understand. She responds with "I didn't understand that, tell me the reason you're calling today. It might be you're having a baby" No love, that's just fat!!

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By SXGuy
12th Sep 2018 07:32

She asks what your reason for calling is and you spend the next five minutes figuring out how to cut the long lengthy issue which could only be explained in detail to someone, in to a one or two word statement.

Gotta love tech.

I'm sorry I don't understand. No love, it is I who doesn't understand. Goodbye.

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