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HMRC's latest cost cutting exercise - gone mental???

HMRC's latest cost cutting exercise - gone...

Received a batch of some of the standard "acknowledgements" following submission of some CT600s, and what's printed on the other side?  An acknowledgement for another company's CT600!

All our clients I would add, so no data protection issues, but is this HMRC's latest paper-saving exercise?


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By DMGbus
04th May 2011 22:49

OK with me

I have no problems with this halving the cost of paper and cutting postage costs.

Better still might be electronic notifications as I prefer paperless options wherever possible.

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05th May 2011 09:19


it was even done on purpose...

And that people know to look on the reverse for another acknowledgement.

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By SteveOH
05th May 2011 10:09

How about this then

About 4 or 5 years ago I received a letter from HMRC regarding a particular client. I telephoned the number on the front of the letter and said something along the lines of "I'm not sure who I should be talking to because there is no name or signature at the end of the letter."

The guy (I'm sure he was laughing to himself) asked me to look in the other side of the letter. I tell you, I've never been more embarrased in my life; there on the reverse was the last few lines of the letter.

I suppose even several years ago HMRC were conscious of saving resources.

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05th May 2011 17:05


In the days where people used to provide details of Director's remuneration on the last page of the CT600, someone at an accountancy firm where I used to work accidentally stapled the Director's remuneration page from one company onto a tax return for a different client.  Oops!

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