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Holiday pay accrual

Ryanair pilot holiday "error" surely an opportunity for some humorous accountancy banter?

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For anyone who has missed the news of the current misfortune to hit Ryanair, whilst I sympathise with holidaymakers affected, is this a salient reminder to those of us lower down the food chain, currently implementing FRS 102/105, to properly understand how to calculate a holiday pay accrual?

Does anyone think this could be the largest/most expensive one to date?

Most importantly - surely, there must be somebody, better equipped than I, to come up with some accountancy based humour on this issue?

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Hallerud at Easter
18th Sep 2017 13:00

Some imaginary quotes from Ryanair:

"I told you we should have followed the Uber model and let the pilots provide the planes"

"In my day at Stokes Kennedy Crowley I did tax work, I only got involved when the bean counters had done the debit and credit bit."

"Given the out of the way places we fly them to you would think they would be more grateful."

"Bags, check, boarding cards, check, snacks, check, toilets-we are holding on re that, so right now can anyone think of anything we are not charging for."

"Right, you and your crew need to take a holiday, well good luck finding a flight."

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