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Holiday pay and furlough

Zero hours employee paid holiday pay in November 2019

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Zero hours employee was paid £1,500 for 150 accrued hours of holiday pay in November 2019.

So far I've included these hours and wages in my 2019/20 averages, however including them in the November 2020 CJRS claim gives usual hours of 270 and total pay of £2,700. Does this sound reasonable, or should I exclude them from this particular month for the 'same month last year' comparison, on the basis that he clearly didn't actually work 270 hours in November 2019?

I kind of think I should include them, but wonder if they distort the figures too much.

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By the_drookit_dug
12th Dec 2020 18:14

Guidance states:

"When you calculate the usual hours, you should include:
- any hours of leave for which the employee was paid their full contracted rate (such as annual leave)"

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By lionofludesch
14th Dec 2020 07:01

I'd include them.

If he'd taken that holiday pay over several months, would you be asking whether it should've been excluded?

I'm guessing - and hoping - no.

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