Holiday pay calculation part year

government tool offering different result for rest of year depending upon days per week worked

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We are moving payroll software and i am transferring over leave balances.

I was just double checking what the 5.6 weeks equates to for the remainder of the year 2/6/24 - 31/12/24 on the gov tool

2 employees working:

32 hour per week worked over 4 days = 108 hours

32 hour per week worked over 5 days = 105.6 hours

Am I having a mental block, both work 32 hours per week so have the same 'week' - why would the holiday entitlement differ? 

Thanks in advance

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By accountaholic
05th Jun 2024 13:49


I must have answered the questions differently on the link, as I got 104.6 with 4 days/wk and the same answer with 5 days/wk?

My own slightly approximate calculation would be 5.6 weeks entitlement x 32 weekly hours x 7mths/12 mths which gives 104.53 so pretty close to the calc and the difference probably explained by my approximation of 7 months.

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By Bobbo
05th Jun 2024 15:03

I got the same answers as you OP.

But I would not that for a whole year it gives the same answer of 179.2 hours for both numbers of days per week, so maybe just use that less what they have taken in the year so far?

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