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Holiday Pay Entitlement Calculator

Holiday Pay Entitlement Calculator

I have 25 weekly paid employees, paid by the hour. Their annual paid holiday is 20 days per year pro rata. As their hours fluctuate week to week, I calculate their holiday entitlement at any one point by averaging the number of weekly hours worked over the last twelve weeks and then by the number of days accrued on the annual holiday calendar (January to December each year).

I use a software programme to run the weekly payroll and although it accommodates for weekly, hourly paid employees, it does not retain the number of hours worked each week in memory.

I do not want to change the software that I use to run the payroll, as I am very happy with it. Does anyone know of a software programme or spreadsheet, whereby I can enter in the number of hours each worked each week for each employee and their holiday pay entitlement and accrual is calculated automatically? Also it would be really useful if the spreadsheet/programme could be applied to employees starting part way through the year?

Many thanks for all answers!


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By Abacjm
04th Feb 2003 04:22

Holiday Pay
So if you are happy with your payroll prog, why does it not do what you want it to do? what you may be saying is that you havent got the time to learn a new prog, eh?
As you dont specify the prog that you do use, maybe you too could benfit from visiting the moneysoft site referred to in the query following your own.

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