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Holiday pay for under 16s


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I'm actually checking on behalf of my daughter...started a part-time job (aged 15), never requested a payslip (until I asked her to request to).  There is no holiday accrual (she is effectively on a zero-hours contract).  I've had a google around, it looks like she should be entitled to it but it isn't clear (as being under 16).  

Can someone confirm before I gently nudge the employer about this?

Thanks in advance 

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By Tim Vane
19th May 2019 14:32

No holiday pay. However, the employer must abide by the limit to the maximum working hours for school age children and must also ensure that the child has at least 2 weeks leave during the summer holidays. There are also local by laws that are specific to each county council and most councils require that the employment be registered with them before starting work. There is no requirement to pay for leave, nor is there a requirement to pay a minimum wage. The law may be different in Scotland though, in case you are north of the border.

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By turchyna582
22nd May 2019 10:29

I have to agree with Tim in respect of the holiday and the minimum wage etc., much of CHILD employment is regulated by the relevant Local Authority.
I would respectfully suggest however; that your daughter (and you as a caring observer/parent), consider the real value of the work experience and customer and social skills your daughter will be developing - for which she is actually being paid.
Believe me, in this present recruitment market there are significant number of lower skill jobs being done by graduates (albeit 'graduate' status is now somewhat highly debatable).
There are still 'old school' employers who will place significant value on the experience and application skills your daughter is acquiring, and indeed her initiative to engage in valuable extra-curricular activity(ies).
These qualities are more valuable in many cases than the degree, and they are certainly more valuable than worrying about what is likely to be a small amount of holiday pay/accrual. Credit to your daughter for working AND maintaining her studies too - she is learning about the real world!

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By facucvivas
22nd May 2019 10:31

There is NO right to payment of the minimum wage for those under 16 years old. In addition they are not entitled to be paid holiday from work.

Those under the age of 16 years can only be given light work. In particular they are not allowed to work in a factory, in transport, or on a construction site. They are not allowed to do work which may be harmful to their safety, health, or that will affect their attendance at school.

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