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Holiday software

all singing all dancing holiday software required

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my client has 50 ish employees and wants a software that employees can acccess and enter their holiday request directly and then be approved or otherwise by the directors remotely online, do any members know of a cost effective solution to this? Thanks Nick 

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By mbee1
04th Aug 2020 11:45

We recently bought Breathe HR. Seems to do the trick and reasonably priced.

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Replying to mbee1:
By WhichTyler
06th Aug 2020 16:04

We use Breathe too, decent HR package if you don't have any unusual structures

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
04th Aug 2020 11:51

A few of my clients use Deputy. Integrates with Xero payroll if you use that.

Charlie HR is used by one as well.

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Chris Downing
By Chris Downing
04th Aug 2020 12:27

It doesn't sing, doesn't dance, however it will certainly do leave requests and much more, plus first 6 months FOC:

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By louised
04th Aug 2020 13:40

Try Enjoy Benefits Ltd they do absence management as one of their employee benefits

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Accounts and Returns logo
By accountsandreturns
04th Aug 2020 13:45

Hi Nick,

We use BrightHR and it works perfectly for this.

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By Sarah Z
04th Aug 2020 15:45


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By carnmores
05th Aug 2020 10:23

Thanks everybody , we have made a decision to trail Timetastic will report back on how it goes. Nick

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Replying to carnmores:
By SBS33
06th Aug 2020 15:48

We use Timetastic and very happy with it!

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Tony Stevens
By tony.stevens
06th Aug 2020 09:18

We have used for a few years now.


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By Rgab1947
06th Aug 2020 10:23

Quickbooks online advanced payroll apparently does that.

You need a QBO license though as its integral to QBO

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By RuthFraser
06th Aug 2020 10:29

I use a package called Capture It from Vizual for all time management. The holiday function allows staff to request holidays via a web based portal (so can be accessed anywhere), Approvers can check against pre set peer groups to ensure that we do not have shortages of say first aiders on site before approving.

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By Simpleton2
07th Aug 2020 09:03

It is possible to make this work for free using Google sheets. Whether you think it is a negative or a positive if employees can see each others leave will make a big difference to the complexity of the set up.

When I have used paid for systems for a company this size I did constantly find myself questioning value for money, we seemed to have to do so much work keeping it up to date and it never worked quite how we wanted (we had some eccentricities like wanting to allow unlimited holidays but only within fixed periods). Below 30 employees I certainly wouldn't bother, above that I think it depends on how standard your system will be and whether money is currently more of an issue than admin staff time.

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By gestonline
18th Aug 2020 09:53

We use PayFit

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