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Home cooking expenses for a carer?

Do they exist?

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Good evening,

I'll be meeting with a new client who is a self employed carer. My client will be cooking for her clients at her own home. She currently only has 1 elderly client so no significant or even apparent cost will be obvious just yet but does anybody have any advice on how to calculate use of home gas/elec when the time arises please? It may be similar to home office I'm just not sure.

Thank you in advance


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Hallerud at Easter
26th May 2020 10:11

Smart meter, check cost before cooking check cost after, note down the difference? Catch is this records all other power being used at the same time, like TV, digital alarm clock, recharging phones etc etc.

Frankly power use cooking will be negligible, the things that really add to cost are space heating,tumble dryer, washing machine, fridge and freezer.

I suspect it is really not worth the effort involved calculating/recording.

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Replying to DJKL:
By New To Accountancy
26th May 2020 10:37

Thank you for your response, no she doesn't have a smart meter as that was my first question and then I thought of every else you suggested too such as her personal usage included and everything else so it became more complicated.

Great, thank you for that. At least I know there's not a simplified calculation that others do with it being my first carer client.

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By Cheshire
26th May 2020 10:24

With only on client is she really going to be cooking completely separately to her own cooking?

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Replying to Cheshire:
By New To Accountancy
26th May 2020 10:32

No she isn't that's why there will be no apparent difference and not worth it but when she becomes busier she will need to cook separately as she has very young children so I'm sure her clients won't be happy with alphabites and turkey dinosaurs for tea!

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