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Home office and engaging a cleaner

Home office and engaging a cleaner

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Does anyone have any guidelines about employing a domestic cleaner and client confidentiality with your home office?  I suppose I should call my professional body but thought someone on here may have first hand experience.

Many thanks

Sian Jovetic M.A.A.T.

SJ Accountancy & Book Keeping

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By Paul Soper
19th Feb 2012 03:44

Why worry?

If the amount you pay is below the PAYE threshold you have no concerns.

If you have a home office simply tell them not to clean in it if you are worried about security, my cleaner gets as far as the office door, but no further, mind you that's because I am incredibly untidy in the office, not because I am worried about security.  Really it is not any different from the situation if you rented offices and employed cleaners.  In this modern electronic world I suspect the cleaner is the least of your worries!


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By Euan MacLennan
19th Feb 2012 11:29

You must have been worrying!

... to be up at 03:44 on a Sunday morning!

I do not agree about the PAYE threshold.  If the cleaner has another employment, you should be setting up a PAYE scheme and deducting tax at the basic rate.  Unless they are self-employed, in which case the PAYE threshold is irrelevant.

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