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I've rarely had discipline to work from home. However...

Day one of home working done, and it wasn't so bad. Been a stupid busy day, more so than if I'd actually gone in, and my mobile has taken an absolute hammering, but battery still at 85% since 7:45 this morning, so kudos Huawei for battery life.

So I "got home" (i.e. logged off) and went for a walk to the sideboard for an after work whiskey.

Seems keeping to routine does help.

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By spilly
23rd Mar 2020 17:16

I’m making sure that I stop for a proper break at lunchtime. A 30-60 minute break away from the screen and phone seems to make my afternoon more productive.

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Replying to spilly:
By SteveHa
23rd Mar 2020 17:28

I popped out to Lidl. 10 minute walk, and the store wasn't rammed. everyone keeping a safe distance, and whilst there was the now expected lack of stuff on the shelves, I got what I needed.

Mind you, my usual day is start by 8am, lunch 30 minutes at 2pm, and knock off by 4pm, so afternoons fly by, anyway. At least today I didn't have to worry about trains.

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