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Homeworking accountants and registered office...

What do homeworking accountants do when clients ask about using your address as registered office?

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I am currently working from home and therefore do not have an obvious registered office that I can sell onto my limited company clients?

What do other homeworking accountants do in this situations? Get clients to use their own home address?

Just recommend using a virtual registered office such as rapid formations (covenant gardens), your formations (kemp house), companies made simple (wenlock road), etc?

Is there anyone in particular you would recommend?

They all appear to be charging on average around £20 - £30 per month (including VAT, postage, handling fees, etc).

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
12th Jul 2019 07:44

Ignoring the idiotic spam that doesn’t even make sense or have any relevance ...

A serious answer maybe use something like
and have everything sent to you. It’s only £30pa to have them as your Reg Office, there be an extra for Dir Serv Add’s etc. They scan & email official post to you, but will charge extra for other things. Make sure that you have a fee structure that will cover all of their extras - I’d just copy their add-on matrix and increase by 10-20%.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Jul 2019 08:42

We don't offer it at all, not because we couldn't use my office address, but because I don't have an office stuffed full of juniors to pfaff about dealing with it.

I have my clients use their own address, or they pay for one. Its low profit time and hassle otherwise, and I think clients appreciate that I am not trying to stick them up for another £100 or so for a service they don't really need.

I will probably be in a minority on this one.

If I had a low salary secretary on £12/hour who was a bit bored I might change my view, and 100*100 = £10,000 income for not doing a lot would seem like a no brainer.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By lionofludesch
12th Jul 2019 08:51

When did * replace x ?

Was it about the same time that 12 am became 12 pm ?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Jul 2019 09:28

Dunno mate, I benefit from a deepest Essex state education, and they all thunk I was posh for pronouncing the odd vowel.

I have to ask me (non-native) wife to both spell and pronounce stuff as she had the benefit of posh UK edukation.

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By Moonbeam
12th Jul 2019 09:57

I work from home and have always told clients to use their own home address or a virtual registered office. I think that's best so any worrying correspondence from CoHo gets received asap.
I had a situation last year when a client who was abroad wanted to use my home address and I reluctantly relented but quoted £50+VAT a month, as it's not something I want to do. Funnily enough client decided he could rub along without using my address as his registered office, which suited me fine.
Because the commercial bunch charge £20+30 per month is no reason for you to come down to their level.
Let's face it you could face debt collectors, have to sift through marketing dross regularly, etc if you allow your home address to be used by someone else. The virtual people have the set up to reduce fees and want the business.
In fact thinking about it again, should I feel there is no other good option I think I'll quote £70+VAT per month!

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By Vaughan Blake1
12th Jul 2019 10:12

There is no way on earth I would use my home address as a client's registered office.

The registered office is the company's actual address to the outside world, so from experience, it will be used to serve legal documents, be the first port of call by the bailiff's, and on one occasion, be where the police called to search the premises and seize all the computers.

Being our office was bad enough, but the various folks after an explanation (a couple of hours in the case of the police!) understood the situation.

If the property concerned was a private house, I suspect that the bailiffs would need quite a lot of convincing not to take away your telly and as for the police!

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By Cat's whiskers
12th Jul 2019 10:35

I don't offer this. I tell clients that the reason I don't want to be their registered office is the same reason they don't want their home address to be it either.
If they don't want to use their own address I suggest they use a virtual one although i don't recommend any in particular.
I had one prospect who seems to take umbrage at this but i decided he was probably going to be a PITA anyway!

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By sash100
12th Jul 2019 15:11

Agree with others don't use your home address for clients as that would be foolish.

Actually when starting out I let clients use my home address but realised it was not a good idea. Apart from risk of debt collectors and HMRC turning up at your door step. While I don't have evidence having many companies registered at your home address could potentially affect credit rating albeit marginally.

I have a tie up with a virtual address office supplier then charge the client 2.5 times the cost. Yes I get the post from the virtual office provider but often not a lot.

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Replying to sash100:
13th Jul 2019 08:01

Who is your tie up with?

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By ohgoodgodno
13th Jul 2019 10:11

I work from home and allow clients to use our address as their registered office if they want to.

we charge a nominal £40 + VAT per year for this

In 11 years of homeworking this has never caused an issue, the majority of post received for clients is junk mail - mainly funding circle (their marketing budget must be huge) which goes straight in the bin, the odd 'real' piece of mail that comes just gets forwarded on

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By Tom 7000
16th Jul 2019 10:19

Don't do it.

Let them use their own or somewhere else or if you must as its urgent charge £200 a month.

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By pauljohnston
16th Jul 2019 10:31

One not get in touch with a local business that offers this service. Often serviced offices do for a fee. If you make all your clients have
c/o Bloggs & Co
followed by the address this will keep lost post to a norm. We charge £8.50 +vat per month. If you have 50+companies using this service the fees are worthwhile.

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By itp33asso
16th Jul 2019 11:39

British Monomarks.

27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX

Oldest established and best.

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