Hospitality Grants for Furnished Holiday Lettings

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Our clients have Furnished Holiday Lettings and have received various open/part open/closed grants from their local council. But where do they go on the tax return? HMRC are no help, the software company 'can't advise' so just wondering where other accountants have included them.

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By Laurence52
29th Nov 2021 19:01

HMRC refers to these on page UKPN 3 of their UK Property notes for the tax return to 5 April 2021, They go in box 5 as part of the rental income. I would make a disclosure note about this on the white space of the main tax return.

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Replying to Laurence52:
By cydsmith
30th Nov 2021 17:28

Thank you for your help. Google didn't come up with anything and the HMRC website is a complete nightmare. The person I spoke to at HMRC didn't know what the 'hospitality' grants were!

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