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We're looking to move from our current provider - it's fairly cost effective but service not always great and because we're on a shared cloud server when there's service updates etc for everyone, we have downtime.

We've found an excellent alternative (based on our own dedicated 'server' on Amazon which nearly every provider seems to use) but the initial installation costs seem high.

On the one side, I think you get what you pay for and our current provider we want to move from shows us the wisdom of that.

On the other, the ball park figure quoted for setting up desktops on the new cloud server has been quoted at £850 per day (approx 4 days work needed) which seems on the high side.  But if it saves us problems further down the line, it could be worth it.

We're looking at a dedicated cloud 'server' rather than shared one (which is what we have right now and isn't great) - it's also why the costs are initially higher too I think, not one size fits all approach.

Love to have your thoughts

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By leicsred
27th Feb 2020 10:32

We use Key computers and have been pleased with them - maybe worth a call.

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By mbee1
27th Feb 2020 11:35

Evolve Technologies in Peterborough. Any downtime is always out of hours, usually at 9pm.

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