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Hosted software for small firm

We require a suite of software that will produce accounts including herd accounting.

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We are a small firm with turnover c£160-£170k, 270 clients, 80-partnerships and 25 small limited companies.

Our senior partner has just taken retirement, up until now he wouldn’t consider an intergrated software package, however, I am now seriously considering it, but I haven’t been able to find something suitable that includes herd accounting.

I was initially very interested in tax calc as it can be hosted and the fees seem to fit our budget. I have had a quote from digita and will be seeking one from CCH, however, if the fee quote from digita is anthing to go by I think it’s going to be way too expensive.

Tax calc’s answer was to use it for everything apart from the clients that require herd accounting, to me that negates the whole idea of having a intergrated suite of software.

We currently use excel for the annual accounts, an access database to compile nominal ledgers, VT for company accounts and Ftax for tax returns, there are currently four members of staff, one working from home and the other three office based, I would anticipate this increasing by one in the near future.

Have others experienced significant efficiency gains that will pay for the £6k+ software cost in a firm of similar size to us?

Is there any software that I’ve overlooked? I’ve tried keytime and they didn’t really have an answer apart from suggesting compac, being their old version.

Thanks in advance 


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16th Feb 2019 14:40

As far as I know Digita only has preset nominal codes for farmers who are sole traders or partnerships, so if you have any Farming Ltd companys its not just a herd accounts issue unless you are capable of your own coding..

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21st Feb 2019 11:47

Perhaps yu should start if you have not done so already to costered a hosted desktop solution.

We went down the " intergrated software package" route and wasted a lot of money. On the face of it it seems a great idea but as you are with one supplier you have to dance to its tune.

We have returned to best of breed and hosted many applications in the cloud. What you need to consider is the future.

I suspect that with APis that the stand-a-lone software providers will link via a hub

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21st Feb 2019 12:14

We use of mix of cloud software (eg Xero and apps) with hosted server based software (CCH and some legacy software we're phasing out)

A single solution for all clients would be the ideal and Taxcalc is good. How many herd clients do you have that Taxcalc can't cope with? Does the value (profit) of those clients warrant looking at more expensive software or would it be worth considering selling those fees and focussing on other clients?

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