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Hosted solution

Hosted solution

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I am still reviewing all my options on integrated software. It is likely I will be going for Digita.

I am also thinking about having the practice in the cloud using either Digita or going outside Digita for the hosted solution. 

More recently, our office broadband has been slow. This will impact on the speed of the hosted solution.

During the times of slow broadband speed, how does the hosted solution work?

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By cheekychappy
22nd Jul 2015 09:09

I am led to believe that the only data movement on a hosted solution is clicks of the mouse, button presses etc. So broadband speed should not effect it much.

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By SteveOH
22nd Jul 2015 09:13

Paul Scholes is your man

If you are going to the next Tick and Bash on 3rd September, have a chat with Paul Scholes. He uses Hosted Desktop UK and is a great fan.

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By iandc6
22nd Jul 2015 09:16

Speed test & what speeds are available

Disclosure: I work for Thomson Reuters - Digita and was also a co-founder of a hosted desktop company.


You'd be surprised with how little bandwidth you'll require without affecting the performance of the programs.

There are a couple of tasks worth doing before making a decision.

Try to run a speed test a few times throughout the day, make a note of the speeds - Download, Upload and PING .

A good hosting provider will confirm whether or not those speeds are adequate.

To check what's speeds are available in your area, you can visit -

Please PM me if you'd like to know anything further as I can give you some good insights in to the differences between the various options.

All the best.



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By Paul Scholes
22nd Jul 2015 22:14

Can't wait for T&B

Hi FT and thanks Steve, yes the bandwidth makes very little difference as all the work is done at the Data Centre not down the line to your kit, so my IRIS setup runs quicker on HDT UK than it ever did on my office server.

HDT and I'm sure others will let you test drive a dummy setup with say Office loaded and so, when they do, try it from your ordinary internet connection and then login again via say a laptop using your phone's wifi hotspot.  

Most of Monday/Tuesday I was logging in and working using a Vodafone 3G MIFI from my caravan in the Dorset countryside and it worked fine.

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By peter.wood100
23rd Jul 2015 14:24

I agree with Paul

We migrated to Hosted Desktop UK several years ago, probably as a result of one of Paul Scholes' past comments on AW  (thanks Paul)

Our experience is that HDUK is much faster than our old Dell server network, even on our old 'wet string' broadband.  We now use fibre broadband, but it's not made any difference to the speed of HDUK

Even our ancient version of TAS Books runs much more quickly.

We've worked from hotels in Cape Town, Spain, Bangkok, Phuket......   as well as our Dorset base.  Wherever we log in it's the same reliable blisteringly fast.

And the service from HDUK is superb.....make that SUPERB in big shouty letters!  Migration to them was easy, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

An unhesitating 'yes - recommended'


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By SlatersCharteredAccountant
23rd Jul 2015 20:01

Hosting solutions

We don't have any issues with slow broadband speeds with our cloud service here at Slaters. Don't think these types of hosted systems really require much bandwidth!

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By jford
25th Jul 2015 08:27

Hosted Accountants
We've used Hosted Accountants for about 15 months. Been very happy so far. Only a couple of times when it's been down (30 mins was the max). Speed of server at their end has been more of an issue than Internet speed. There are days when everything seems to just be running slowly. This has usually been solved after a support call....or has just gone away by later the same day. I love being able to work from anywhere. Couldn't imagine being without it now.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
25th Jul 2015 13:13

I use Digita Hosted Solution

i use it from Laptop when mobile with a mifi device in middle of Northumberland or on my desktop in office and it is no different speed wise than when I just had it on the desktop.

I used to have terrible broadband but switched back to BT and its now not so bad.

The only thing I have outside of my desktop is payroll but hopefully Brightpay will come up with a cloud version soon.

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