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Household Employee

Household Employee

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I have interviewed and plan to employ a part time caretaker within my home

I plan to charge the part time caretaker for their accomodation

The charge for the accomodation will be circa £57.40 per week and will be deducted from the employees pay.

The rate per hour will be £8.72 for 8 hours a week (1 day) = £69.76 a week

What will be the calculation for tax, and what employee and employer taxes will be due. 

Does the employee pay tax on the gross wage before accomodation offset or after

Do I the employer have to pay employer NI

The employee is employed directly by me i.e. household staff not through a company

Please help ;-)

This is a short 6 months agreement

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By Cheshire
23rd May 2020 17:25

Pay a decent wage you tight wad.

Plus pay for someone to do your payroll given you have no clue. This is a forum for Accountants.

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Replying to Cheshire:
By Wilson Philips
23rd May 2020 18:08

National Living Wage for a little bit of domestic work seems quite reasonable to me - as does the weekly accommodation charge (although we of course don’t know the quality of the accommodation)

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By Tim Vane
24th May 2020 00:19

Surely you could get them to work for you for free if you ask them politely and say ‘Please help’ with a creepy wink.

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By paul.benny
24th May 2020 09:22

Try looking on under 'business and self-employed'. There is extensive guidance about employment and payroll.

You might also want to consider some of the obligations that exist for employers, such as employer's liability insurance.

If I were the employee, given that I will be 'on site' throughout, I would be concerned about the possibility of being asked to work for more than the agreed 8 hours a week. Have you specified - preferably in writing - the duties and responsibilities? "Caretaker" could mean house-sitting with just basic obligations or it could encompass maintenance as well. Employees have a right to receive a statement of terms and conditions of employment.

Beyond the direct scope of your question - You may need to notify insurers, lender (if the property is mortgaged). What about council tax, utilities?

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