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How can I amend a PDF letterhead?

How can I amend a PDF letterhead?

I have a PDF of my letterhead and need to amend some details. I cant go back to the original designer as he is no longer in business but wondered if I can buy any software, relatively cheaply, which will enable me to amend it. Does anyone know what I could use?



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23rd Mar 2010 19:33

Depends on what needs changing

Hi - Adobe writer can recognise & amend text and there's a great piece of software called Able2extract which will convert PDFs to Word, Excel or even Powerpoint and it's obviously great for text & tables but, if you have images you might be better off with Photoshop, but you need to know what you're doing.

One problem is quite often that the text & graphics are good enough in the PDF but might deteriorate if you start to mess with them.

Is it absolutely necessary or is it time for a fresh coat of paint?  You can easily design your own in Publisher or even Word.

If you contact me via my profile and email it I'm happy to have a look at it for you and run it through one of the above.


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By pawncob
23rd Mar 2010 20:40


Foxit PDF Editor (Freeware)

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01st Apr 2010 10:13

Worst Case Scenario....

... buy Adobe Standard which will allow you to create and edit your own PDF files. It also allows you to create forms which can be created in PDF.

Cost - about £275 + VAT for a single user licence so not going to break the bank and it can be downloded directly from the Adobe web site.

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01st Apr 2010 11:02

Only £100 ish on EBAY

Acrobat Pro

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By ug06dg
01st Apr 2010 14:40

Nuance PDF Pro

We use Nuance PDF Pro instead of Acrobat Pro because it gives the same functionality at a fraction of the cost (only £65 and that's downloading from the site - not buying a hookie copy on Ebay).

You can easily edit the pdf using this software.  However, if your letterhead is simply an image file included in the pdf then you would have to either extract this image from the pdf (which you can do with Nuance pdf Pro) or get your hands on the original image file then edit this with image editing software.

Hope this helps.

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By Anonymous
01st Apr 2010 15:03

Booby trapping PDFs

This is interesting


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14th Apr 2010 22:37

Try Nitro PDF Professional

It is $$99 dollars but if you type discount on Nitro PDf or something simalr in Google you can get a discount.  We paid just over £40 using this method.


However you can try it for free for a period at


If you contact Doug Wallace at he may be able to help since he is an expert in this field



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