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How can I do a CDD on existing clients?Any example

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I had a ICAEW assessment on my small practise

I need help with CDD for exiating clients

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By Wanderer
20th Feb 2019 14:13

Well what have you done so far? What difficulties are you having?

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By bettybobbymeggie
20th Feb 2019 14:32

A spreadsheet with a row per client and columns that show what work was done to KYC - proof of address, AML risk assessment, etc.

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By Kaylee100
20th Feb 2019 14:54

We use SWAT AML accountancy system for our documentation.

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Replying to Kaylee100:
By Moonbeam
20th Feb 2019 21:10

Yes, I am using SWAT documentation for AML. It was worth the hefty payment to calm my nerves.

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