How can I get long overdue client refunds back?

HMRC give no reason for delay yet do not repay. They say 'repayment pending'. I have one eleven mont

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By cbp99
24th May 2024 10:01

Suggest client contacts their MP.

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Replying to cbp99:
By Jason Croke
24th May 2024 11:05

cbp99 wrote:

Suggest client contacts their MP.

Which one?

There are over 100 seats that Conservatives haven't even got a candidate for as yet and Labour have had 35 MP's stand down/resign ahead of elections.

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By Paul Crowley
24th May 2024 10:02

You need to phone them on the agent line.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Hazel Accounts
24th May 2024 11:13

Agree - often a stuck refund needs a human at HMRC to intervene and reset a "flag" in the system that's stopping it.
Nothing will happen with the refund if you just apply on line as computer for some reason is saying no.
9 times out of 10 this will fix it.

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By JCresswellTax
24th May 2024 10:11

If you have chased and don't get anywhere, you should use the agent account manager service. It ALWAYS gets the job done, normally within a week or so.

You have to have at least tried to chase once with HMRC though.

Honestly, it is the best thing about HMRC!

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Replying to JCresswellTax:
By Tom+Cross
24th May 2024 10:38

From what you say, it's the ONLY thing, that HMRC do well!

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By TheTaxMan_
24th May 2024 11:04

Email Jim Harra's address complaining, the complaints department/team speed up the process.

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By stepurhan
24th May 2024 11:16

Idle speculation. Do HMRC have legislative protection from normal debt recovery proceedings? Could you send bailiffs into HMRC to retrieve property to cover a debt like this and costs of recovery? I know a lot of HMRC is non-geographic addresses now but surely they have somewhere that could be raided.

Almost certainly not possible and equally unlikely to be worth the hassle, but nice to dream.

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By Dougscott
24th May 2024 11:40

Phone them up and ask very nicely - usually works.

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By suepg
29th May 2024 13:12

The 'Repayment Pending' status usually, in my experience, indicates a problem which has blocked the repayment. The only way to address this is to telephone HMRC and ask.

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