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How can I reverse a bank reconciliation in Sage?

The balance didn't match the bank statement balance but I clicked reconcile anyway

I recently been giving an administrative role within my company and attempted my first bank rec for the month of December. I am quickly learning in Sage that it is not easy to rectify mistakes. I am thinking I may have to reinstate Sage from the last back up I did at the end of December and start over. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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20th Jan 2018 13:26

SAGE 50? I'm not sure that you can undo a bank rec. If there aren't lots of transactions you could restore the back up and re process. You might be able to export the audit trail since the last back up and import it into the old version to save re-keying everything, but this might take a couple of imports depending on transaction types. I would be tempted to do a manual reconciliation and tweak future recs to get back on track

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By JKnight
20th Jan 2018 13:54

You don't say what software you are using or which version.

However, if it is Sage 50 Accounts there is some guidance on undoing a bank reconciliation here

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20th Jan 2018 14:06

Another reason not to use Sage.

In VTT+ you would just select the transaction & click the De-Reconcile button. Job done!

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By JKnight
to Wanderer
20th Jan 2018 14:40

Well, to be fair to Sage 50 Accounts, each bank transaction has a bank rec check box and it is pretty easy to untick this.

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21st Jan 2018 06:17

Just reconcile manually from the previous bank reconciliation until you can let the software take over again.

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22nd Jan 2018 11:35

I would not re-instate from a backup unless you are sure no other entries have been made since the bank reconciliation.
Go to Bank Accounts - highlight the bank in question and then click on reports.
You need Retrospective Bank Reconciliation Reports - Detailed.
Put 1st December 2017 to current date. Print off.
You can then tick off the ones you have reconciled against the bank statement.
Go back into Sage and open bank reconciliation up and re-enter 31.12.17 and the closing balance.
Enter the remaining entries and you should then have a 0 balance.

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