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How can we produce order acknowledgements in QuickBooks 2008, then convert them to invoices?

How can we produce order acknowledgements in...

QuickBooks 2008. A client wants to produce order acknowledgements for clients so she raises an invoice  and marks it as pending. This appears to book the entries (sales, VAT, debtor) immediately. Is there anyway of doing this so that no bookings are made until she takes the "pending" status off the invoice? Ideally she would not go through the pending invoice route.


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31st Jan 2013 08:17

Possible Solution / Work Around.

Not sure about this but I think in 2008 there was "estimating" functionality.

The "estimate" was effectively an invoice but from memory it didn't post to the ledger until converted to an invoice later. You might be able to tailor the Estimate template to be an order acknowledgement which presumably you would convert to an invoice when paid?


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By chatman
31st Jan 2013 10:01

Thanks Captainblack

Captainblack - After 40 years with the other side, I am switching my allegiance to you and the Mysterons. I just went through QB estimates with the client and it looks like just what she wants. Thanks very much.

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31st Jan 2013 12:25

You're very welcome

The Mysterons rule OK!


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