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How can we trust them on RTI?

How can we trust them on RTI?

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"Online Service temporarily unavailable"

Three days running. 

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By George Attazder
12th Oct 2012 11:34


I'm not sure you can call switching off the power on purpose a meltdown.

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By Old Greying Accountant
12th Oct 2012 12:50

But, I would still say ...

... we can't!

We all know it is going to be more vast chunks of chargeable time lost

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By ACDWebb
12th Oct 2012 13:39

If you have third party software

then the only issues at present for ITSA & CTSA is that you cannot login to check details through the online service and getting an immediate confirmation re a submission. You can still submit with third party software throughout, at least that's what the Service Availability page said until it disapeared when I tried it just now

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By lizmoss
12th Oct 2012 13:52

Glad I found this thread

Couldn't access VAT or PAYE online yesterday and today, and when you go the the service availability page, it just says 'this page is not available'!  Thought it was me going mad but at least now I know it was planned.

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By Jekyll and Hyde
12th Oct 2012 14:16

Could not submit a CT600 using 3rd party software today..

... So I have decided not to try and submit a personal tax return and leave until mid next week.

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
12th Oct 2012 19:25

Name one other UK business which takes its entire network down twice per year for 3 or 4 days at a stretch.

Whether its a deliberate planned meltdown or a "What does this big red button do?" meltdown is of no relevance to the system user, the impact is the same.

No way would I take the risk of posting anything.  I inherited one mixed record case which arose from "system conflicts" per HMRC in which my client on benefits had his income swapped with an accountancy partner.

It took 18 months of Hell before his brother (Power of Attorney) came to me, then another year for me to tell HMRC to shove their assessments and penalties where the sun don't shine.  So I don't submit anything unless the database is at least running.

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Tom McClelland
By TomMcClelland
12th Oct 2012 20:07

So you can file, but you don't get a "success" / "Failure" reply

Yes, you can fire 3rd party software submissions into a black hole.

Then sometime in the future you can discover if they worked or not.


I could see that model working really well when making bank payments, or placing online orders with Amazon, or buying airline tickets.


The point was made fairly forcefully at an HMRC/Developers meeting that last year's April responses downtime (over a week at the height of the filing season) would be completely unnacceptable under RTI. Your average small business user has no concept of returning later to poll HMRC to find out if a submission worked. They don't understand the messaging system operated by the gateway at all; nor should they have to understand it.

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