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How cloud are you?

What percentage of your clients are using cloud tools?

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In anticipation of the upcoming Accounting Excellence webcast on 22 August (sign up today, folks!), we're running a short poll around cloud adoption. We'll discuss the findings during the session. But until then, here is that lovely poll: 

So how cloud are you? Just how many of your clients are using cloud tools?  

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By bernard michael
15th Aug 2019 10:37

At least 6 of mine are away with the fairies

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
15th Aug 2019 19:01

None - I do it for them - all on the cloud

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By SXGuy
15th Aug 2019 19:05

None of mine use cloud tools. I on the other hand use pretty much everything in the cloud these days.

My whole pc is basically a one drive/box cryptor copy of my desktop so guess you could say I'm always on the cloud.

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By spilly
16th Aug 2019 07:50

We have 2 where they run the sales invoicing themselves and we do the rest of their book-keeping. One other does most of it apart from the VAT and payroll bits.
So only 3 in total.
This can be partly explained by internet connections being appallingly slow and unreliable for a lot of our clients, so they won’t change from desktop systems until it improves.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
16th Aug 2019 09:13

The question is too vague.

Client using hotmail are using "cloud" systems.

Similarly clients for whom have desktop systems, and we dial in remotely to them using a deskshare software are 'cloud'. Ish.

But the same clients are probably also at the bottom of the foodchain so far as tech goes.

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By sarah douglas
16th Aug 2019 11:32

One or two use it, they all say they want the cloud but they never seem to want to use it. Some do for their Debtors, the majority pay us to do the work.

We still have management accounts meetings when a month-end is complete. Pulling a profit and loss halfway through a month is not helpful and can be misleading.

Most business what to get on with what they are good at and most decent business leave it to the accountant - bookkeeper.

Any decent accountant or bookkeeper makes sure they look after their client financial health and accurate bookkeeping accounts always did that whether it be cloud or not.

All the cloud has done is to make impatient business owner grave for any information whether is right or wrong.

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By itp33asso
19th Aug 2019 16:18

I'm always very cloudy. – – Especially after the fifth double Scotch

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By JoF
19th Aug 2019 16:36

Most of mine have their head in the clouds, especially when they are being chased for overdue paperwork.

I finally embraced some cloudy stuff - hate it with a passion. Its sending me towards a very early (2nd) retirement.

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