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How do i amend historic accounts and personal tax?

Client has now been assessed to be within IR35.

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Hi there

We have a client who has been with us for a year or so. The currently operate under IR35 for public sector working.

Prior to this, they had previously filed accounts as non IR35.

HMRC have assessed the client for the years to april 2015/16/17 and 18 and deemed them to fall within IR35 and the client has agreed this and the amount due to them.

Obviously the company has had no tax relief for the deemed salary during those years, so how do we now adjusted the historic company accounts and personal tax return to ensure the added tax is partially offset by reliefs that would have been available, had it been run as a salary, as we are now outside the amendment time scale.

The client had always confirmed to the previous advisor that IR35 did not apply, and that advisor is no longer available to assist.

Any advice would be welcomed.

Many thanks

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