How do I check on-line if HMRC has process a company corporation tax return OK?

How do I check on-line if HMRC has process a...

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This is one of these daft questions that should have an easy answer, maybe I am just missing it, or maybe…

I have filed my corporation tax return on-line using the HMRC software that both submits the C600 and the account to HMRC and the accounts to companies house.    I can check on line that companies house has my account with ease.

However I can’t see anything on the HMRC cooperation tax system that shows if I have submitted a C600,  I can see how much tax I still need to pay – however as the tax due was £0, I can’t tell if it default to £0 assuming that nothing is due, or if they have process the form.

I have the email from the gateway to show that the CT600 was received, but nothing to say it was processed OK.

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By SteveOH
15th Jan 2014 13:06

You will receive a letter

Your email to say that HMRC has received your Company Tax Return is sufficient for the moment. The natural progression is that, having been received, the Return is automatically processed. As with Self Assessment, CT is also a self assessed tax.

You will shortly receive a letter stating that a Return has been received and to what accounting period it relates. That is then the end of the matter unless HMRC raise an enquiry into the Return.

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By stepurhan
15th Jan 2014 14:10

Online check

To answer the online part of the question, no you are not missing something. For reasons best known to HMRC, there is no online confirmation of CT returns that would mirror the SA return provision. I did think that going to "File a return" would work as an alternative. Unfortunately, having checked, a return I knew had been processed was still shown as an option for submission. Possibly it would alert you that this would be an amendment if you went further, but I didn't want to risk that.

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By Vinnie121
23rd Mar 2018 13:27

This answer is for people like me who land on this page seeking the answer to the OP's question - I know their question was from 2014.

There is an online dashboard that shows status of submitted "Company Accounts" and "Company Tax Returns"

Go to Corporation Tax area and then select "File a Return" or "Complete Corporation Tax Return"
You will then get a "Before you start" page click "Continue" and you will see the dashboard.

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By annafjames
29th Sep 2023 10:08

Found this way of checking a filing is done
Log into HMRC Account
Go to view corporation tax owing
Press on the year ending you want to check
Top left on next screen press the word tax and this shows date the tax return was filed

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