How do I close my Agents Services Acc with HMRC

How do I close my Agents Services Account with HMRC

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I have now retired and sold my small Practice and want to close my Agents Services Account with HMRC. I have looked through Home and Manage Account and can't see a link to do this. Could anyone help?

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By Tom+Cross
22nd May 2024 15:56

Enjoy your retirement Anne.
I can only think that the agent maintainer team, need to be contacted.
I'd suggest the address, in this;
"If you are a new agent and are applying for an Agent Code, or your name and/or address details change, write to the Agent Maintainer team: HMRC, CAAT, Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ. Taxpayer records are updated automatically for SA and COTAX – but for other systems you need to give details of each client".

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By Geoff56
22nd May 2024 17:08

Scroll down to:
HMRC Agent Services
Change of circumstances - Cessation

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23rd May 2024 14:33

I kept mine open so that I could complete my own tax returns.

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Replying to J M BOYD:
By FactChecker
23rd May 2024 23:50

That's an expensive solution to a non-problem isn't it it?

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