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how do i enter a shortfall into sage 50?

im helping a friend set up her sage 50 accounts im an AAT trainee but i cant for the life of me work out how to enter a shortfall in her pettycash onto the system i know because we dont know where its gone at the moment its got to go to the suspense account and for that i need to use the journal but what codes will i use to make it balance correctly please 


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By Matrix
13th Aug 2018 20:34

She needs to find out where the money has gone which is a business issue. I would book it to drawings if sole trader/Director loan if a company.

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14th Aug 2018 08:28

Your friend needs to look after her money better or it's going to cost her a lot of extra tax.

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14th Aug 2018 09:43

I suggest you don't have enough experience to give someone else advice. Get your friend to see an accountant.

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15th Aug 2018 12:44

Cr Petty Cash
Dr Suspense

if you wish to use such an account.

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