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how do I find our VAT registration date?

We were registered for VAT in about 1990 and nobody knows where the certificate is.

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To register for MTD we need the date of our VAT registration which was over 25 years ago and nobody knows where the registration certificate is. How do we find out the date of registration. 

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By Wanderer
12th Jun 2019 16:54

In your 'old VAT' login download a copy of your VAT registration certification and it's on there. Be aware that the option to access it disappears once you have signed up to MTD.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By danstopp1
13th Jun 2019 08:58

Yes, that is correct but if you have registered for MTD you can click on "Update your VAT details" in the new MTD screen and I think this should show you the date of registration.

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By Duggimon
13th Jun 2019 08:45

You can also call the HMRC VAT office and they'll post you a copy of the certificate, though obviously the online option is much quicker.

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Replying to Duggimon:
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By Matrix
13th Jun 2019 08:53

If you are agent they will tell you the date over the phone.

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