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How do I get work experience to be an accountant whilst still in the sixth form?

How do I get work experience to be an...

can I get some work experience at an accountancy firm because I am finding it very hard to do so.
Joanne Naylor


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26th Apr 2000 23:55

Work Experience whilst at school....
Joanne, I'd suggest that you write to a few of your local accountancy firms and enquire if they would employ you during the summer months and any other term holidays. You may find they would be glad of the extra help. Don't expect to gain a wide range of experience from this though as you would more than likely be carrying out clerical work than actual preparation of accounts, but it's better than nothing! Accountants time costs money and it is not really cost effective to spend a lot of time training someone who is only working a matter of weeks. We did have a summer worker who was at school and he joined us for three summers and learned quite a bit. So give it a try. You can e-mail me if you think I could help you further.

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24th Mar 2000 18:16

AccountingWEB Links
Go to the links section (under Internet) on AccountinggWEB and follow "Professional Bodies". On the ICAEW site, follow "how to find a Chartered Accountant", then follow "contact your local district society of Chartered Accountants for your area". Select the area you want and mail them from the Email link or give them a call to see if they can help you with names of firms to contact.
Best wishes

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