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How do I incorporate a group company to avoid SDLT

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Company structure

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By Winnie Wiggleroom
04th Oct 2021 16:37

you will need to give us a lot more information than that if we are to attempt an answer - incorporating a company does not in itself incur SDLT

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By Yiannakis 1960
04th Oct 2021 16:55

My apologies. I already have a company with a portfolio of investment properties. I need to form another sister company in order to grant a lease of one of the properties to the sister company within the group

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Replying to Yiannakis 1960:
By Justin Bryant
05th Oct 2021 13:35

You can simply incorporate the sister company as a new subsidiary of the relevant holding company and then hey pretso, it's done.

This is often done (i.e. intra group property sales/leases) for refinancing purposes.

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By Wilson Philips
05th Oct 2021 13:42

Agreed. Although it doesn't really answer the question ("How...")


(The point being that we don't really know what the question is - although I suppose that "company structure" might offer something of a clue)

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By Tax Dragon
04th Oct 2021 18:14

Have you thought about paying for advice?

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By thestudyman
05th Oct 2021 13:47

I'm sorry Mrs Blair, you've had enough bad advice...

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Replying to thestudyman:
By Hugo Fair
05th Oct 2021 13:56

... and not just from your husband.
Yours, Pandora xxx

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