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How do I make Word 2007 single spaced?

How do I make Word 2007 single spaced?

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I have started using Word 2007 and it displays the text double spaced. This seems to be the default. Sorry to be a bit dim, but does anyone know how to make it single spaced? I've looked everywhere in the ribbon.

David Carter

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By AnonymousUser
15th Jun 2007 11:41

If you are asking what I think you are asking, highlight the text and press Ctrl+1

It is also in the Format/ Paragraph menu


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By steve tees
15th Jun 2007 13:24

I'm not sure about 2007, but 2003 is as follows

You need to check your Style formatting to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Ensure you have the Format Toolbar on display (View : Toolbars) then look at the top left to see what default style you are currently using. It should be 'Normal'. If it is not then see later about resetting the '' template.

To amend the go to Format : Styles & Formatting, select the style that seems to be the problem (it may appear in a column that appears on the right of the screen, then Modify, there are three buttons in the centre of the screen that set the line spacing. Click the left hand one for single (or go Format : Paragraph and set there). OK and it will be OK - for the currently opened document.

To ensure the line spacing becomes the default, go to Tools : Options : Save tab then tick the Prompt To Save Normal Template option. Now, when you close the current document you will be asked if you want to update the template. Click Yes. The template is the default new word document. To stop being prompted, untick the Tools : Options setting.

Alternatively, after changing the format save the document as a template, then browse using Windows Explorer to your template folder, rename then rename your new template to ''

Steve Tees
SoftServ Consultants

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By gailperry
18th Jun 2007 16:42

Change the document defaults
Changing defaults is quite simple in the new 2007 version of Word. To make single spacing your default style for every document, follow these steps:

1. Open a new Word document.
2. Click the arrow on the right side of the Paragraph box under the toolbar.
3. In the Paragraph dialogue box that appears, make any style choices you want, including setting the line spacing to single.
4. Click the Default button at the bottom of the dialogue box.
5. Click Yes in the box that appears.

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By David Carter
21st Jun 2007 08:48

Thanks everyone. I'm now sorted.
But I really don't know why MS have to make it double spaced in the first place.

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