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How do I move to a new financial year in Sage Query?

How do I move to a new financial year in Sage...

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Sage Balances
I am trying to do a query in excel, prior to the year end in July07 the query worked fine every month.
Now, when the query returns nominal balances it is giving me the balance from 12 months ago. For example, if I run a query on nominal balances today it isn't returning the balances showing in sage for November 2007, it is giving me November 2006 balances.
The balance for mth1 is giving me August06 instead of August07 and so on.
Do you have any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Kate Mconigle

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By AnonymousUser
21st Nov 2007 12:18

check these
I assume you are using Line 50 ?

1) Was there any changes to the company details ? Are you looking at an old copy of the company by mistake ? Did you upgrade line 50 ?
2) check that the query is looking at the same fields as before - by editing it and reselecting the fields.

3) If all else fails, on a new excel spreadsheet run a new query - just picking up one field value e.g. Nov 2007 and check that is correct. You may need to re-create the query from scratch


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By David Carter
22nd Dec 2007 09:47

perhaps you haven't run year-end?
August 06 really should be stored in Sage as Last Year rather than Current Year.

Maybe you need to run year-end to move it from Current to Last Year.

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