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How do I post disallowable expenses in VT?

How do I post disallowable expenses in VT?

Historically, I have entered all expenditure into VTT+ and then manually added back depreciation and private use adjustments in the tax computation.  However I am now trialling BTC software and attempting to import sole trader accounts into SA section of Self Assessment Tax return.  I therefore need to enter disallowable expenses into VT so that I am importing the allowable expenses only.  I am not sure what entries I need to make in VT to achieve this as I have never used the disallowable expenses ledger before.  Can anyone help please?


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15th Mar 2012 14:16

Answering your own question

You have answered your own question - you post to the disallowable ledger - there are two, one for COS and the other expenses. They are available in the sole trader template but not the limited company one.

Where appropriate I post to the usual ledgers and then journal personal use to the disallowable ledger.

Don't know anything about BTC, I'm afraid so can't help there.

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