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How do I record it on Sage??

a question from a begginer about allocating payments on Sage

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I've got a silly question maybe but I need to ask.. Just on introductory note, I'm an absolute begginer, all I do is allocating payments somebody else puts on customer;s Sage accounts and recording invoices and credit notes there..

Let's say there is a company that pays us in advance for a four week period based on agreed rates and hours of work we should deliever every week as per PO. We then calculate how many hours we actually worked in that period and send that report to them and based on this report they process adjustments that go out with the next periods autmated payment and so on and son so...

Now the thing is. Let's say they paid us $2000 but we raised to them an invoice for only $1500 as we underdelieverd. I allocated those payment and that left $500 unallocated monies.  Next month the same situation happens and then only thins month We receive $1000 but the remit clearly stated that also for this period it should have been $2000 but they took back $1000 in adjustments. How do I allocate those payments so it does not look like the last invoice that was actually for $2000 was underpaid? Is that even possible? I dont want to change the amount of the invoice as it's how it should be achraged for this month. Do I allocate to it the monies that are oustanding from the previous month?

I'm super confused.... help! It's Sage 50 by the way

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By Anita14
16th Jul 2020 20:03

No problem. When you post the initial $2000 it shows as SA, you then allocate $1500 against an invoice which then leaves an SA for $500. The same thing happens again so you now have 2 x SA for $500. When the next $1000 comes in it again shows as an SA. You raise an invoice for $2000. The account is now at zero but the transactions haven't been matched. Post a 0.00 customer receipt which will pull up all the "outstanding" items and you simply match off all of them.
Remember Sage has a demo company you can practise on if you're not sure how things work. Go to File and Open Demo Data.

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