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How do I report cash flow in a P&L format from Sage Line 50?

How do I report cash flow in a P&L format from...

I have clients who are happily using Sage Line 50. In both cases they gave cash flow projections to their banks, and these banks are looking at the profit and loss accounts produced in Sage and trying to tie them up to the projections.
Ideally they want to have a report just like a profit and loss account, that will show net cash inflow or outflow using the existing chart of accounts.
It can be safely assumed that the client is not very IT literate and has only basic accounting knowledge!
Chris Lloyd


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28th May 2003 14:32

how I do it........
From Sage Line 50 run a nominal activity (with a/c ref) report for the period required putting the bank account nominal code only in the from and to box and save it as a csv file (comma delimited).
Call this csv file up in Excel and sort by transaction type (this groups all your suppliers payments, customer receipts etc together.
I then add an extra column at the end called "analysis" and enter a letter against each transaction eg S=payments to suppliers against purchase invoices C=receipts from customers for sales invoices, W= weekly wages paid to employees, I= Inland Revenue payments, D= directors loan a/c transactions, H= hire purchase payments etc, etc. (Sounds long winded, but isn't because if you've done the first sort on transaction type then all similiar transactions will be together and you can just copy the letter down the column)
Sort and subtotal on the analysis column.
My monthly cash flow report shows the following
From customers for sales invoices
From customers other
From bank for asset finance
From customs and excise for vat
To suppliers for purchase invoices
To staff for wages
To bank for loan and hp repayments
To customs and excise for vat
To directors (directors loan a/c)

If you need more detailed analysis eg to break down payments to suppliers into categories eg stationery, materials, then the report gives you the account number of the supplier and so you can sort your stationery suppliers from your materials suppliers etc

Hope this helps

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29th May 2003 16:55

Sage Forecasting
Why not use the free forecast module that has been shipping free with Sage Line 50 since about v.7.
Once you have set it up (by linking back to the Sage nominal codes), your client can happily run off P/L,Balance Sheet and Cash flow reports on a monthly basis.

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By Anonymous
30th May 2003 14:04

Sage Forecasting
We received the free copy of Sage Forecasting, but it would not work - conflict of databases, I seem to recall. Sage promised to look into it but we never heard back from them. So this may not be the route to go down.

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