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How do I reverse a duplicate invoice that has been VAT Reconciled - Sage 50 Pro

How do I reverse a duplicate invoice that has...

This problem is a little difficult to explain and my first post on here so please bear with me.

I am using Sage 50 Pro version 21 (2015)

Somehow Sage has used the same invoice number for two invoices but only in the Transactions list. When you look at the "invoices and credits" the first invoice is displayed, it is only when you look into "transactions" for the invoice number that you can see the duplicate. The correct invoice is also in Sage with the correct invoice number, date, customer and details.

I have no idea how this has happened, if you use the same invoice number twice in Sage, it brings up the contents of the invoice that already exists. the duplicate has a later transaction number, therefore it was created in Sage after the first one, so the existing invoice has not been changed.

I need to delete the duplicate invoice that only shows in the Transactions, without affecting the VAT as it shows as reconciled.


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26th Feb 2016 18:30


just means that it has been included in a VAT return. If the detailed VAT reports include the item twice you'll need to raise a dummy credit note to correct the VAT and other things like the bank reconciliation. If it hasn't I don't believe you need to do anything.


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