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How do i view which supplier has invoices me in the nominal drill down ?

How do i view which supplier has invoices me in...

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In Sage 50 when I drill down to nominal transaction details I have visibility of dates, references and amounts but I cannot see which supplier has invoiced me.

Surely there is a way of seeing this ? without having to manually type the supplier details in the reference box of ever transaction.


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By jul2614
11th Mar 2015 15:09

If you run a nominal activity report, this will show the supplier account number.  There is no way of viewing it by just drilling down in the nominals. The only way to do this would be to look up each transaction number in financials.

Sometimes Sage is really painful!

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By chrismc
12th Mar 2015 09:51

Thanks Jul, that works well. It's a few more clicks of the mouse than I would have liked but it does the job.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
11th Mar 2015 16:35

Use the Suppliers Detailed day Book


If you go to to the Suppliers Detailed Day Book Report.   You can put in the nominal code and see exactly which supplier invoiced you for what nominal code. 

It is very detailed and you can choose how much detail you want. 



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By Onion4Sage
11th Mar 2015 19:04

You may be interested in this video

Hi Chris,

You may be interested in this Onion Reporting Software video from 6 minutes 36 seconds in. I think it gives the drill you are looking for.

Similar analyses may be available using transaction level reporting solutions from BVXL, Pendragon Systems or Optegra Financials. All offer free trials so you can look before you buy.



Onion Reporting Software Ltd

Sage accounts in Excel to go

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By tracy.sammy23.freeserve.c
26th Mar 2015 11:14

I got into the habit years ago of starting each description line with the suppliers name for this very reason.

Especially as some of the Supplier Account codes aren't easily identifiable ie a couple are very similar in numbers and I can never remember which is which.

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