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How do you file a VAT return using Sage line50?

Everything's changed and nothing works

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Client who is non MTD needs March VAT return to be filed on Sage Line 50 by me, as last quarter.

First I get a screen requiring me to login to my agent a/c on HMRC to get permission. OK that apparently works. Next Sage says "Acquiring VAT obligations" goes round in circles then stops. I keep pressing this button and it goes round in circles again and stops. So no way Jose.

Sage won't be interested in talking to me, a mere paying customer. Any ideas what I do now?


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By Anita14
15th Apr 2019 18:30

Are you absolutely certain that the client hasn't signed up for MTD and you haven't ticked the Enable MTD box in Sage? I ask that because the old VAT process shouldn't have changed, but what you describe sounds more like the problems people are having with MTD submissions.
Take a look at Sage help community - lots of posts about this:

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to Anita14
15th Apr 2019 19:40

Bless you Anita! I looked in the VAT area under preferences and the Enable MTD box was ticked. I hadn't done that and I am the only one to use the software. This is Sage's cunning plan to give us all heart attacks.
As soon as I'd UNticked the box the VAT return went straight through.

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