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How do you get HMRC to pay you SMP?

How do you get HMRC to pay you SMP?

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The website and helplines are impossible, my colleague is tearing her hair out.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?



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By CMSmith
27th Jan 2015 13:25


On that page is a form to fill in. We've just done it for a client getting adoption pay. They process the claim in 6 working days.

[edit: This is assuming that once you've deducted the SMP form other PAYE due each month you are left in the negative!]

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27th Jan 2015 13:41

that presumes you are employed
Are you, are you the employer more detail please

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By Monsoon
27th Jan 2015 13:57

Thanks CM Smith that's perfect.

Carnmores yes, employed. 

All good!


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