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How do you handle non SA clients with HMRC

Providing assistance to non SA clients (with no need to be SA) in reviewing P800's & tax codes

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How do others deal with getting relevant information from HMRC for a non SA client?

I am thinking of a couple of elderly clients who are not in SA, nor is there any need for them to be in SA, but have a number of pensions and some smallish investments and GA paid.

It all ought to be handled through PAYE and end of year recs by P800, but of course because they are not in SA I cannot get them added to my Agent list, and even if I could it is unlikely that the client record visible on the Agent account would include anything helpful  like coding notices, pension details etc..

There is not a huge amount to do, other than endeavour to run through the figures and P800, do a bit of hand holding with the client and reassure them either that the computation is correct, or speak to HMRC to get it corrected. But why are there so many impediments to this, or is it just another thing that will be 'fixed by MTD'?

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By Matrix
09th Apr 2019 12:08

All my pensioners are in SA since they are not poor but I have a number of Directors who were taken out of SA. I call up with the pension payments for relief each year but, unless they ask me to check their P800, then I don’t do anything as they are not paying me.

I would charge if there was more than a few calls, how do you set a fee if no SA?

You can complete 64-8s but this just means you can speak to HMRC, I don’t think they appear on your client list unless they have a UTR.

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Replying to Matrix:
By Paul D Utherone
09th Apr 2019 14:23

Matrix wrote:

I would charge if there was more than a few calls, how do you set a fee if no SA?

Well to be honest of the two I'm thinking of, one is my mother.

The other is an old client of mine who I've known for nearly 30 years. Hasn't needed SA for quite a few years, but likes the reassurance of an eye being cast ovr the numbers. Really nice couple it's a pleasure to catch up with once a year for coffee, a bit of cake, and a quick check through the details, so I don't charge...and yes I know I'm a fool to myself, but there you go.

The latter is on my list because of the previous SA returns.

Mother is more difficult as never in SA and the only way seems to be to set up as a 'trusted friend' but that doesn't add her to my list and I have yet to try to deal with anything via the ADL - and I'm rather expecting to be told to ring the general helpline if I do.

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By SteLacca
09th Apr 2019 12:10

Get authorisation, then deal with the ADL for info or problems.

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By CJaneH
09th Apr 2019 13:15

I deal with a few pensioners and employees with P11D issues.

If I can request that a Tax return is needed to get a UTR I do.

Even with UTR if the tax payer is no longer required to submit a SA100 then access to the PAYE codings is blocked.

HMRC need to recognise the value of agents correcting their errors and allow us more access.

64-8 often just permits telephone access.

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Replying to CJaneH:
By Paul D Utherone
09th Apr 2019 14:26

CJaneH wrote:

HMRC need to recognise the value of agents correcting their errors and allow us more access.

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By Gone Sailing
09th Apr 2019 13:37

Register as agent. P800 by phone - until HMRC blocks that off aswell.

My gripe is that HMRC don't put PAYE coding notices for agents online unless SA is reqd, and only those after SA registration.

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Replying to Gone Sailing:
By Paul D Utherone
09th Apr 2019 14:25

The coding notices was one of the things I was thinking about.

Generally it ought to be better linked up and easier to act/assist in these cases

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By Kaylee100
09th Apr 2019 13:43

64-8 and you can call agent helpline.

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By bernard michael
09th Apr 2019 14:45

For your premise to work HMRC have to admit they make errors

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By Paul D Utherone
10th Apr 2019 08:51

What has particularly annoyed me this evening is the note on the P800 that I received that reads:

You don’t need to call us
The Personal Tax Account is the new way for your client to manage all of their tax affairs

Well thanks for that Mr HMRC, but you're talking about slightly doddery 90 year old who really doesn't want to manage his tax affairs through a P(i)TA and would really rather I handle it for him. Sadly, you make that bloody difficult.

GRRRRRRRRR...And relax

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