How do you motivate accountants with incentives?

Staff Motivation and incentives

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I'm looking for some ideas on how to motivate staff.

I heard some practices have a bonus based on fee income, but would like to hear your ideas!

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By cheekychappy
07th Jul 2016 09:55

Strippers and booze.

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By Harrison88
07th Jul 2016 10:16

Have you tried things like:
- Cheap team building events (e.g. cinema trips, theme park trips, bowling)?
- Weekly cake making competition

If you are looking for montery rewards then try to tie them into your own objectives for the practice. Do you want more feedback from clients? Give the staff £50 of vouchers for every five piece of feedback that is submitted to a form you setup.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
07th Jul 2016 10:55

When I was last a manager the firm I worked for would pay 1/3 of the first years fee for any work I brought in through my own initiative as opposed to via their marketing, which was a good money spinner for me and I signed up some good clients for the firm.

We also had bonus for hitting billing targets.

For general staff you could look at these discount cards where you £5 per month for staff and they get a card that gets them 20% discount at cinema, pizzahut and that type of thing which are good for satff as will save them a few quid over the year. I forget the name of the company that does it.

I think team building things tend to be pretty naff and cost a lot and don't really bring much in the way of benefits.

to encourage team work, I think the best thing is to get your staff behind a charity and get them to do a team entry into the great north run, Children in Need, Macmillan coffee morning that type of thing.

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By pacta
07th Jul 2016 16:47

A whip.

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Portia profile image
By Portia Nina Levin
07th Jul 2016 16:55

Have you tried holding a gun to their head?

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Jason Grant FCA
By yaakovgrant
08th Jul 2016 10:34

Thanks for your answers, some food for thought.

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By pauljohnston
08th Jul 2016 12:36

So9metimes the simpliest things bring great results. Do you and all other partners walk through the office on arival and say good morning to everyone and include their name. Do they stop and ask for instance" is your son better. If you employ ladies do you bend over backwards to accomodate them when little Jonny is sick or when their daughter is in a school play. What I mean is do you give them time off without fuss and tell them to make up the hours another day? Just some of the things that I find work and cost nothing.

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Replying to pauljohnston:
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By Portia Nina Levin
08th Jul 2016 12:50

pauljohnston wrote:

If you employ ladies do you bend over backwards to accomodate them when little Jonny is sick or when their daughter is in a school play.

You do realise that that is an incredibly sexist comment. I am sure there are male employees who take time to nurse their sick little Jonny and watch their daughter in the school play.

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Replying to pauljohnston:
By Tim Vane
08th Jul 2016 12:53

Oh yes, nothing like a bit of off-the-cuff ingrained mysogyny. It's not just the ladies whose children get sick.

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By mrme89
08th Jul 2016 15:04

The little things go a long way.

I used to work for a transport company where we had to purchase our own tea and coffee. There was a profit related bonus that wasn’t worth having, and everyone would have just preferred having the tea and coffee provided.

Little changes can make the office a place of dread to somewhere where the employees enjoy working.

Tea and coffee, biscuits, the odd Friday breakfast sandwiches go much further in my opinion that £50 a Christmas.

The occasional work night out is always good for morale. Especially when you go in on the Monday morning to hear that someone was in a worse state than you.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to incentivise staff.

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By Tom 7000
08th Jul 2016 15:36

A huge pile of swiss franks or US point in giving sterling bonuses its worth so little....

What do tou want them to do? Reward that...

If you want a fresh Starbucks placed on your desk at 9.14am each morning by the under secretary (you should not ask the lead secretary) Then perhaps if she achieves her goal then every alternate Friday she can get one for herself on the company. Although you may have to pop this on her plld.

So what do you want...

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By lionofludesch
08th Jul 2016 15:48

Surprised no-one's suggested HMRC's Trivial Benefits scheme. Their website gives about 20 examples of how to give employees £50 an unlimited number of times (directors excluded).

Thank you, HMRC....

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By lme
11th Jul 2016 09:52

Be nice, be open be fair; treat them as individuals, take account of what's important to them and keep it simple. Pay them by the hour let them work flexibly and keep a dialogue going so you will know whether they are happy or not. No bonuses and nothing complicated.

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