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How do you organise your staff HMRC online access?

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Some firms have one HMRC user ID that all staff use. Some firms create a user ID for each member of staff and allocate clients to that user ID. The former is administratively easier but less secure and can be disruptive when a member of staff leaves (eg change the password). The latter is the better course of action but requires a lot of time to administer, especially in larger practices.

The ASA requires clients to be dealt with one at a time. We're starting our ASA so it's an opporunity for us to review our policy.

How do you manager your staff HMRC access?


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08th Mar 2019 09:49

I'm not sure how this happened but I have two IDs here. One for PAYE and CIS and one for all the other taxes.

Which is a bit of a surprise as there's only me here.

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08th Mar 2019 10:01

Everyone is able to use the same login, but in practice it tends to only be me using them.

I'm the tax guy. The others are the accounts guys. If they need access to HMRC online services they tend to ask me.

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08th Mar 2019 10:28

We have separate logins for those staff that need them, and their access to client records is tailored to what they need. EG no need for a person using PAYE to see the CT records.

Time to administer is trivial and basically involves giving access to new clients as they are added. As I have to do that for myself, it must take me about half a second longer to add a second user.

Never occurred to me to let everybody use the same login. Still hasn't.

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By johnt27
14th Mar 2019 15:07

We used to have one login shared amongst the team but now that MTD requires 2FA we're moving the ASA to have multi-user access.

It's a bit of a pain but not insurmountable plus with the ASA you can allocate new staff/clients all from one place whereas for the old agent accounts you had to log into the government gateway, which got moved and was impossible to find!

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15th Mar 2019 10:08

We tried adding a second member of staff to the agent service account, but as with other government gateways it creates their own user ID. Then when they try to login HMRC say that each practice is only allowed one ASA. How have others got round this as I am not comfortable with everyone using the same password?

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