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How do you register two existing seperate soletraders in a new partnership?

How do you register two existing seperate...

Hi Guys,

I need to register two existing seperate soletraders as a new partnership business (the existing businesses will continue in their own respect). Is there a certain form i need to fill in or is it just a case of filling in two CWF1's?

Thanks for your help


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24th Nov 2010 18:05

SA400 & SA401

SA400 to register the partnership and separate SA401s to register each partner.

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By okevin
24th Nov 2010 21:08

Confusing question as set.
do you want to register a new partnership? It just so happens that the partners also have their own separate business? Is that what you mean?

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By apex11
25th Nov 2010 10:24


Sorry for any confusion in the way i asked the question.

The two are sole traders operating their own seperate businesses which are not linked to each other in anyway. They purchased a building together and aim to to use it to rent out. For this reason i wanted to set up this rental income as a partnership. Although rather than just asking the question of how to register the partnership i should have sought opinions from fellow members wheather i should be registering the partnership at all (considering its just income from property rather than entering it on the property pages of the SA100). The "partnership" is VAT  registered and opted to tax.

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