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How do you transfer PAYE agency back to a client?

I'm closing down my business and have just one client left - I need to transfer PAYE back to her.

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Hi I have just one client remaining who I'm trying to get off my books - at the moment I am processing her PAYE and submitting the FPS each month via my HMRC agent account. I need to transfer it back to her so that she can process PAYE direct rather than through my agency because I am closing it down. I am worried about simply deleting  her from my HMRC account without her having set up things at her end first, to make sure there is no problem with submitting the next FPS.  But when she tries to register for PAYE online herself she gets a message saying that "There's a problem. This information has already been used to request access to PAYE for Employers". 


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22nd Sep 2018 17:08

I'm wondering whether she registered herself (or someone else did this) many years ago. Get her to call HMRC PAYE line so she can sort it out that way. I doubt they'll want you to get involved.

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22nd Sep 2018 17:55

Sounds like she's already registered and forgotten her log-in details.

Get her to ring HMRC. No point in you getting involved.

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